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pieldeplata is a registered mexican brand, created in Jalisco, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of silver jewelry, with excellent quiality. Our goal is to transcend time with our designs.

The name pieldeplata, has been synonymous of hard work in creation and design, combining materials like precious stones, leather, pearls, etc. Giving as a result diferent shapes with great taste in silver jewelry, which through time have been improved to give our clients the best.

The brand was created in 1992 by his founders, Lic. Alejandro Colmenero and Mrs. Gabriela Villegas; the two of them work on the designs and creations and follow the process from beginning to end. The brand counts with a wide collection for men and women, which includes rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, items for babies, and home accesories; and all of that includes the distinctive touch of pieldeplata.

pieldeplata has gone further than borders with its designs. Today the brand exports to more than 20 countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, Argentina, Guatemala, Panamá, Brasil, Perú, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, US, Canadá and others. And has been awarded and internationally recognized as a prestigious Jewelry brand in several magazines of international stature.

We are a certified brand in quiality and karat, Somos una empresa certificada en calidad y kilataje, endrosed by the Cámara de Joyería of the state of Jalisco for more than 25 years of continous quality. 



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